4 Times Nigerian Teenagers Disgraced Their Parents By Sharing Intimate Photos Online

Today, i want to share with you, Four different Young teenagers have over stepped the boundaries and shared too intimate photos on Facebook.
The first photo is that of a Girl who is just Fourteen (14) years old, Her name is Gift Simeon and she’s residing in Lagos State. According to the user who decided to give us more indepth information about Gift Simeon, she shared some emotional writeup about why this young girl, decided to go wayward.
She said 14 yrs old Gift and her elder sister always roam the street after their Mother travel and leave for work. Young Gift and her elder sister roams the street, and answers any guy who call them.
Here is the Picture that broke Nigeria internet
Who do you think should be blamed?

Is this 14 years old girl to be Blamed, Elder sister or her Mother, who leaves them and travel for work?
I certainly would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.
Taking 3rd Position for Nigeria teenagers who have disgraced themselves on Social media is Teddy Skitt.
Teddy Skitt is a young 14 Yrs Old Nigerian Girl, who decided to shares ‘after Sεⅹ Vⅰdeo’ of she and her Man on facebook, where she proudly disclosed that her man “Made Her Night.

Now, looking at their picture clearly, you have to ask yourself who is fooling who here?
Going through Facebook, i came across a rather sad but viral post, where a facebook user who goes by the name Teddy Skitt shared this short video earlier today.
According to her bio, she lives in Port Harcourt but hails from Imo State. The young girl captioned the video: “Good morning. Boo made my night. I love u baby”
Like I asked before, whose child is this?

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